In Control [ICON.] - Small gang PVP - 0.0 - Shadow Ultimatum


Our corp is extremely new, and was made just a couple of weeks ago before im putting this post up. For some background information, it was started by myself, my brother (Matteo H Patel), and Jin Lee1 (ex BL0B FC). Between the three of us we have spent time in groups such as Marakuga, Top Damage ltd, and Odins Call. We wanted a small gang pvp focused corp with a solid base in nullsec, that was also relatively laid back.

Obviously the corp is very small at the moment, but we have already got some great people with us and are looking to grow.

Our corp offers:

  • Weekly Nano Roams as a corp and with other alliance members.
  • Frequent ESS roams.
  • Access to our home in content rich SHADO and Imperium space.
  • Staging 10j from 1DQ courtesy of Shadow Ultimatum.
  • Practice and training fleets for anyone who wants them.
  • A friendly group of people to pvp with.
  • Top tier JF services thanks to friends in the Imperium and one of our amazing corp members
  • Tightly knit community!

Our requirements are not strict at all, and if you think you could do well with us even if there are some specific requirements that you do not meet, feel free to ask about that.

Standard Requirements:

  • 10m SP advised but not a deal breaker
  • Active on comms with a mic - the alliance uses mumble - we will help new members get this set up properly.
  • Ability to be self-sufficient isk wise (help can be given if required)
  • Active PVPer, whether your preference is small scale or fleet PVP.

Corp Zkill is very new but here it is: In Control | Corporation | zKillboard
Paolo H Patel | Character | zKillboard
Matteo H Patel | Character | zKillboard
jin Lee1 | Character | zKillboard

If you have any queries feel free to join our Discord and speak to us.

Until then, fly dangerous, o7.

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Still Recruiting!

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ICON is still recruiting!


Bumping again, still recruiting. Here is an example of what we will get up to in corp roams: Battle Report Tool (