Small Gang Null PVP

TLDR: We take the fight. We do mostly Small Gang PVP in Null. We’re a veteran corp that will also teach newbros. Part of Sov Holding Alliance (RZR/FICO) and have access to all of that stuff as well. Mostly EU and US TZ, but some RU/AU as well.

Join our Discord Chat: Guardians of the Gate

• New to PVP? - We Don’t Care!

We’ll show you how to explode stuff.
Your stuff. Their stuff.
Everyone’s stuff.

• NOT New to PVP?

Able to use Black Ops? Covert Cyno? Force Recon? Stealth Bomber? HACs? Trig?
Free Exotic Dancer (of your preferred gender) on completing the application process.

• Tired of 10hr CTAs and/or Cancer Coms?
We’re chill. Much of our content is small gang. Generally fly when you like. We’ll even find a way to accommodate your Drake. (Smartbombing, ECM, Hull-Drake).

3 mil SP requirement, and toon must be older than 6 months.


Great fun if you like small gang PVP with a chance to participate in larger fleet battles as well.
Drop by and talk to us if you have any interest or questions.

Bumpidy bump

We are in the middle of the fray.
Just had a Trillion ISK war happen with our Allies against Imperium.
Come and join us!


Recruitment still open!

Join up for some fun PvP

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BUMP - Regular Content!! \o/

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Come and have a chat!

Check these Guys Out!!

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Why haven’t you applied yet!!

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Lots of fun right now!

Great Guys! Check them Out!! \o/

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Come and check us out!

BUUUUUUMP! They have Cookies!

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We have cookies indeed! You bring the Milk! Bump

We are still recruting!