In search of Steering Committee [Lite RP Corporation]

HI everyone,

Long time EvE player coming back from long hiatus.

I’ve always been extremely interested in the lore of the game about as much as the actual gameplay itself. I’ve decided to put together a corporation with designs on expanding into Wormhole space and setting up shop. Like most others I’ve grand ideas and want to share them with likeminded players looking to have a good time not just playing the game but immersing themselves in the universe in which it exists.

All that said, I’m happy to introduce Khaldari InnoTektoniks & Analytical Solutions (C). The website linked is a sort of ‘proof of concept’ for what I have envisioned and for when the Corp officially opens it’s doors. Gameplay wise, the idea would be to set up in a WH system and make it a home where members can pursue industrial, research, mining, PVE (sleeper/exploration sites) ext. I’ve no issue bankrolling initial setup as long as I can get commitment from people to help with the infrastructure and management of the corp.

I am looking for partners who will help me build and grow this idea and share in its success. While I have a vision this is to be a group project and am happy to see it grow and change around the ideas and talents its membership will bring.

For the RP side of things, I have not expectation or desire for everyone to be ‘in character’ all the time but I find it interesting and entertaining to do from time to time and it helps keep thing immersive.

Types of Players I’m looking for:

  • Khanid and Caldari players of all professions. This is to be a ‘Khaldari’ Corporation though I’ve no intent on turning away serious players of any other player race. Particularly interested in players with prior Wormhole experience.

  • I’m a US Central TZ player, mostly available after 4:00 PM in the afternoon and most weekends.

If any of this sounds like something you might want to partake in, please shoot me a mail in game, comment here or shoot me an email @ and we can discuss further.

Good luck out there!

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For attention - thanks for looking!

Thanks for taking a look!

Thanks for taking a look!

Thanks for taking a look!

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