Inactive is active!

Recruitment open [INACTIVE]

The corporation [INACTIVE] is seeking for old and new pilots who are willing to join our laid back casual little family in eve
INACTIVE is a old corporation brought back from the ashes with veteran players and new players.
We do pvp/pve and recently joined faction warfare

About Us:

New player friendly.
Euro/US East time zones.
PVP oriented (Getting better)
Weekly corp PVP/PVE fleets.
Growing blueprint library.
Help to access level 4 Caldari missions.
Out of corp Hauling
mining & industry


have a mic
have discord
be respectful towards the other corp members
follow the Inactive corp laws
Full Omega Account. Alphas accepted on a case by case basis.

ingame chat channel [Inactive]


Niko Firehawk
Sansa Hawkins
Aida Isu

-----HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE---------

the discord link doesnt work

good evening Kad i thank you for the info as i was unaware of the discord link not working and i shall update it very quickly. thank you very much again

-Niko Firehawk

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