Industry Corp looking for industry pilots to move to nullsec

Hello Capsuleer!
Are you interested in the high yielding rewards of anomaly and moon mining? Are you flying a venture and want to take part in large scale mining operations? Are you English speaking and want to hang out with veteran pilots?

Look no further than Confederated Armed Traders

We are a small but growing corporation with ties to nullsec sov owning communities. We are expected to move out at the soonest possible moment. We require an influx in order to mobilize our assets to the far reaches of null space. Our goal as a corporation is to get pilots off the beaten path of highsec and into the thrilling regions of player owned space.

Our pilots have experience with many facets of New Eden activities from mining, exploration, industry, wormholes, small gang, large fleet, CTA’s, incursions, and so much more. Our pilots are passionate about the world we play around in and are always happy to help close the knowledge gap and make the learning curve a little less harsh.

All communications can be directed to Rob Arcadium in game. It’s best to send a mail as there’s a lot of AFK sitting in station while off doing something else on an alt.

Have a wonderful day.

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