Industry organisation

A question for you trader/industry types out there.

Do you use any tools in order to keep track of what is going on over your trading and industry needs. I am both manufacturing and station trading over 9 characters (6 omedga and 3 alpha) and I am beginning to lose track of whats going on. Ive one charcters that send out items bought in a trade hub to others areas, and ive a few characters manufacturing but trying to keep track of it all is getting a biit all over the place… i guess i suck at organising. so i wondered if there were any tools that you used to keep track of what is where, who does what and such like?

Thanks in advance

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When I did those things, I used ISK Per Hour (IPH) and Evernus. Used to use EPM (Eve Production Manager) which I found very good, but it’s been dead a few years now.

Many Industrialists use their own spreadsheets to manage things.

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I have my own program that tells me what I need to do, when a job is complete/about to complete, when a market order is about to expire, that computes the “fair” prices of the items I produce, that tells me when I need to buy more, etc.

Really it depends a lot on what your activity is.

is that an application you made yourself or one that is readily available?

I sell a small selection of high volume, high margin items in the smaller trade hubs. I have a “floor” price for each item and won’t chase the market below that. I use Eve Marketer to look for bargains on raw materials and buy in bulk. I don’t have a material management tool that maintains a moving average for material cost and really don’t see a need to track things that closely in a game. My wallet tells me I’m profitable, though probably not maximally efficient!

as I told you,

So such an app must be tailored to your activitie(s).

it’s because maximally efficient depends on the definition of efficiency :slight_smile:

Thanks all

I use evemon to keep track of my production , research , invention etc

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hmm ok, I use evemon but normally just for training plans

I think that may be the way to do it. Currently I am trying to manufacture various things as well as trade between regions, maybe too much too soon.

That’s why I told you you need to tailor your application to specific needs.

How do you define what you sell ? What are the possible actions, their cost, their benefit ? How do they link together ? the deeper you go in the modeling, the more accurate your benefit is, but also the more complex your app and the more tailored it has to be.

i have no access to an app though, so using other methods to determine trying to to make, but i am not looking at it in depth or how it all links together

With only one char to use with 10 manufacturing slots it’s quite easy to keep track, I use and for all calculations. But I know the prices of the two dozen goods I’m interested in, so not often have to check.

Not doing much industry at the moment, just for reducing my giant stockpile of PI from reprocessed POS modules (will probably take years).

yeah with 1 character i imagine not as bad as 9. with different skill level, it is a headache I am finding

the adam4eve site I find confusing regards the data, ive asked a question on the guys forum post but nothing back as yet

Probably would lose my mind if I had to manage 5+ chars. :wink:

I’m not a power user of adam4eve, but what I use is the trend, and the price history which gives me a hint what is profitable to build. My style is more like a trader, but not buying low, but building low into price spikes. So be careful with buy orders significantly above my build costs. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah that site is full of info, which i am sure is useful, ill have to spend some more time with it. I’ve tried several methods. either using the website by entering my BPC and making what shows as a profit. Or even makin items this way them moving to other locations to sell in a cost+ x percent basis (didnt work out so good).

Ill get 80+ BPCs of the same thing and use my 6 omega characters to make ti all then drip feed into the market.

I am making a profit but it is a lot of faffing around for the profit I am making, if I was pulling in like 3 or 4b a month Id be OK, but I’m not so hence looking at the organisational side of things

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