Inexperienced and Trying EVE Again


I played EVE a while ago and stuck with it for a bit but eventually left. Now I have been coming back to give it another try.

The corporation I am in right now is just one we made with a couple of friends back then to play around with it isn’t really a serious corporation or anything and isn’t active at all now. It would be nice to find a group to do things with.

I feel like there is a certain kind of vibe I’m hoping for with a corporation and I do like to stick with it once I pick, so I’m not looking to rush into one, but I was hoping to maybe join the public chats of a few and sort of hang out and get to know the people a bit.

Even though I first made my character over 2 years ago I still feel like a very new player and I’m not totally sure so far on what kind of direction to take in game. Exploration has always been fun and also I’ve done some missions and things but I’m open to try other stuff too.

It would be really nice to find a corporation where the people are generally very chill, friendly, and easy going. A smaller size corporation would probably fit me best, maybe even a newer one where we can learn things together. :slight_smile: Very important though I think would be one that does things together often, even if it’s just 2 or 3 or 4 people getting together to do something.

It’s getting kind of lonely doing everything on my own!

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Hi Sarah,

I get where you’re coming from, one of my first corps was just myself and a dozen or so friends from college playing the game. After they got busy, it was certainly quiet until I found another organization to join!

Faded Light might be up your alley - in a nutshell, we’re a small-gang PVP organization in lowsec Caldari/Gallente space, but outside of fights we’re pretty relaxed and easy-going. If you’ve never done PVP before, we’d be more than happy to train you, it’s one of EVE’s best features.

If you think you might want to know more, drop me a line in-game when you get a chance. Linking our ad below, too.

Thank you for answering. :slight_smile:

Your corporation sounds nice but I don’t think that sort of pvp is really my thing personally. I don’t mind a corp that has pvp sometimes even though I’ve never actually done it, but I’m not sure I would be looking for one where pvp is actually the focus more like a side thing that might happen now and then.

I’m thinking actually the best thing for me might be a small or maybe smallish medium size wormhole corporation, but still not completely sure. The search goes on!

  • 23/7 alliance/corp
  • Activity req. log in and get on a kill mail once a month, tell us about extended breaks e.g. a holiday
  • Part of famed Project Box Coalition (Project.Mayhem , Snuffed Out , WANGS)
  • Home is lowsec but currently deployed in Cloud Ring taking Sov!
  • “Mature” (not emotionally) player base
  • TS3 Discord Auth FleetUp etc

We’re newbro friendly! You’ll have a blast here

Hello Sarah, I think Sonic Intoxication is just perfect for you. We are a small corp composed of veterans and newbros alike. We are fairly new and have just joined an alliance that is new as well. We have our home in null sec and are looking for players that want to get involved.

If you are interested in joining a fun group of pilots with a strong sarcastic sense of humor please convoy me in game. We would love to hear from you.

Hey Sarah, I started a corp a few weeks ago. We are 4 people strong with a fifth that will likely join us tomorrow. Everyone is learning in our corp. We are working toward establishing a solid mining fleet that can assemble to support each other and branch out at other times to do things in game that are more interesting. I have started to buy some BPO’'s and we are interested in developing some Industry. Currently we are in a safe high sec area that is a 0.6 system. We have command boost with a porpoise for the mining.

We want to learn together and eventually branch out into low sec as we get more members and skills.

There is opportunity for leadership if you would like to help determine the direction of the corp. Everyone has careers in real life in the corp. We stem from the East Coast US to Mountain Time. So far we tend to chat quite a bit, which might be my fault, but I enjoy talking with people.

Let me know if any of this sounds like something you would be interested in.

Astrocomical is a medium sized corporation with a friendly atmosphere of laid back players enjoying the game. We have guys in high sec and null sec doing things together each night. If this type of play interests you visit the link below.