Inferno Wing (InF-W) New Corp Recruiting

Our Goal:

As of now we are currently building up numbers.
Our mission is to gain numbers in both industry and military power, to train others in the ways of EVE Online and to give people a community they can look forward to joining.

What we Look For:

-Miners, PvE’ers,PvP’ers- (really don’t have a focus yet, when we get more numbers i will decide what we will focus on, for now this will be a high sec Indy/PVE corp.
-No SP Req-
-Omega Clones only- (exceptions may be made for those who will be subbing soon)
-Friendly People-
-Min Age 18-
-People who enjoy the game and want to learn more or be in a fun friendly community.-


Voice Comms (discord)(only if wanting to participate Ops)
That is all for now.

Contact Enlightened Artwik in game for recruitment. Interview and API Key Verfication Required!


Now recruiting for Hi sec mission runners and Industrialists!!! Contact me or Miss Haulsalot in-game for brief interview!

Still Recruiting both mission runners and miners/indy pilots for hi sec ops and occasional low sec. HMU (Enlightened Artwik) or Miss Haulsalot for recruitement.

Still Open for Recruitment drop in InF-Pub today!

Still in recruitment phase and starting to organize small scale mining/pve ops. Need US timezone players above all else, but are taking all apps.

We can now offer LVL 4 mission runs with corpies in a good system. The system also offers levels 1-4 in nearby systems so missioning is convenient. Always in need of PVE Salvagers during missions if u can’t fly a BS/BC fly a salvager!! :slight_smile:

We also have our own 0% tax refinery free to use for corp members in a quiet system with good belts and fresh opportunities!

Join InF-W Pub to speak with an officer or just hangout!

P.S. Now accepting Alpha Accounts for things like salvaging, mining, and anyone looking to learn a thing or two about EVE Online.

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