Influenza Inc. Recruiting Bros

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Influenza Inc. Is a new PVP oriented corp, living in 0.0 space in Deklein / Fade and part of the Guardians of the Galaxy. We are looking for self sufficient pilots EU TZ, that have atleast 20 mil skp that are chill and play this game to have fun.

Influenza Inc. will clean the universe of weak souls, everevolving to spread the Darkness.

Influenza - ingame channel
Contact for recruitment Mira MoonChild

(Mira MoonChild) #2

Looking for Fun players!

I am who i am, i come from the past… i know this place, i have been here before, know as WETRAIN some time ago i was leading them to glory in the north, it was Venal, i know it now … i have been here before

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Into DARKNESS! Bump!

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