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INIT. The Initiative - See What We’re About Here

The above video link is a screen-capture of one of our great experiences . All credit within the video and all content credit associated within the specific link and the playlist to the creator, Blitz0dyssey.

Coltheen Drug Co. is the newest corporation within The Initiative. We’re looking for PVP-focused, active and mature players with a working microphone and a desire to fleet up. In my humble opinion, we’re one of the largest and well-respected Alliances in EVE Online. I might be biased, but I’m confident in our coordination, our ability to form and aptitude for delivering content and fun.

I started my corporation with the aim to help and train new pilots. We are a small corporation of close friends. Currently 6-8 active, we’re looking for the player that wants a growing group of friends. I found The Initiative at the end of the SEA and decided to devote my capabilities and assets to this group because of their impressive capability and organization. If you’re looking for opportunity and choices, you’d be right to inquire with Coltheen Drug Co.


  • Fleet up 5x a month. Support and defend your home.
  • Have a working microphone. Not much to ask for in 2024.
  • No drama. Absolutely no disrespect, no shots at the expense of others (unless it involves a kill mail) don’t be a jerk and just be kind and friendly to those around you.
  • That’s it!


  • Plentiful Jump Freighter services
  • R64 Exceptional and R32 Rare moons
  • Impressive coordination and focus
  • Daily content, always a fleet to join
  • Rich, abundant regions to occupy
  • Access to all of Fountain and other regions
  • Nullsec, lowsec, WH activity
  • Excellent SRP
  • Fleet Commanders that will deliver
  • Opportunity for vast amounts of ISK
  • Help, camaraderie, friendship and concern for your experience in EVE
  • One-on-one lessons, training and assistance
  • Corporation events, roams and a clear goal
  • Infrastructure scattered all over several regions which offer: reprocessing, compression, invention, copying, research, clone bays, all types of component and ship production, material, chemical and hybrid reactions; all available services.
  • An impressive Capital fleet
  • Quick response for Rorqual pilots and protection for many
  • A secure, organized and well-established Alliance with safeguarded space
  • EU, AU and US times active with 24/7, 365 activity

Inquire in-game by contacting “Ulaktar Coltheen”; or join our Discord. In-game, “CDC Corp” for our recruitment channel. Some experience with EVE is preferred. No null-sec experience required. Have a conversation with us and see if we’re a good fit for you.

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