Inner Sanctum

Inner Sanction is a piece I remade that is a well known image from the game.

On the sandy barren planet, workers mining the vast amounts of ore and reprocessing the ore into minerals, will travel every 7th day of the week to the base of the spire where they give thanks for all they have.

Once a year, the workers make a pilgrimage to Spire and ascend the nearly 1,000-meter-tall obelisk. Once the Spire has been filled with workers, songs are sung, prayers are said, and offerings left behind.

Remade - Inner Sanctum


Cleaned up the image a little bit, added a Fenrir and torch light effects creating the appearance of workers walking from the Fenrir, up the side of the hill and to the base of the obelisk.

Added extractor head station in background.

The Inner Sanctum of the Farthest Extractor Station

There’s a light in the dark,
A light in the dark,
4 every 1
!!! !!!
!!! !!!

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I edited the image but cropped the bottom off. I will have to edit the image again this weekend without cropping the bottom.

Thanks for the like.

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Newest version

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same, gorgeous :wink:

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