[INOU] Inevitable Outcome [C2 5/0.0 PVP CORP] [EU]

Looking for more people to join the fun

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I’m still looking for somewhere to rest my guns 72m sp I was in a null sec corp for a few month but got kicked for not logging in for a week due to work commitments so I am a bit weary joining corps due to this :roll_eyes:

Hey man,

Just seen your post sorry, I saw you jumped in to discord at around 5am - we are mainly EU - not sure where abouts you are from?

We dont kick people for inactivity - RL always comes first mate.

If you are still interested give me a nudge on discord/in game when you are next around and we can have a chat :slight_smile:


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Thx for reply man I left your discord serve as was told you not taking new recruits send discord link pls :blush:

We stopped for a while, but 100% back open :slight_smile:
Up she goes

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Up she goes again. Looking for more people out for pew!

Recruitment open again.

Up she goes

Still Recruiting :slight_smile:

o/ still recruiting

Still recruiting, more less constant PVP!

Up to the top, looking for people interested in null and wh fighting.

Still active and recruiting!

We are still recruiting :slight_smile: Come check out what WH’s have to offer

Looking for more people to come join the fun

Up she goes, still looking for more like minded players to fill the ranks

rumpus bumpus

Up she goes, recruitment open

Recruitment is still open.

Recruiting. More EU members wanted :slight_smile: