Insane OFFICER Abyssal Rolls for sale

I want offers

First a Hakim 100mn AB

And best for last a insane Cormack 500mn MWD ROLL

Forgive my ignorance but looking at the Cormacks I’m seeing more CPU usage for less ‘go’.
The upside is less activation cost and less PG usage, but I can’t see how that’s helpful give the loss of ‘go’ ?

there was a minor cpu cost added and thev elocity bonus says red but barely moved, the sig radus and activation cost are near maximum

With everything this would possibly go on being CPU tight, this actually hurts the mod more so then you think


you can try to sell everything :wink:


A bumping we will go, oh a bumping we will go, hi ho the chario a bumping we will go!!


look a wild bump appears

bippity bumpity boop

a new day has come and its glorious!

If you’re looking to buy this guy’s stuff, be careful not to get scammed! He’s tried to scam me and several others.

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