Insects Inc. [SCUTL] - New Player Corporation: Join the Hive!

Finding friends to fly with opens up a whole new realm of experiences and adventures in your EVE journey.

Insects Inc. [SCUTL] is a new player corporation recently formed so that members can work together towards shared goals in New Eden. There is a deep and ongoing commitment to all members being involved in decision making and enabling everyone to make their mark in New Eden.

Finding a corporation that’s right for you can greatly enhance your experience and give you the support you need to survive

Most corporations in EVE specialize in certain styles of gameplay. Insects Inc. is a new and growing corporation that is just starting out in New Eden, the goal is connect groups of people into real-time systems that deliberate and converge on solutions to problems that the corporation decides on collectively.

What we can offer:

  • Programs providing replacement ships and implants
  • A new player friendly environment with an emphasis on PVP and meaningful gameplay
  • An opportunity to join at the start of something new and exciting

If you’d like to know more, please join the “Insect Inc.” channel in-game or contact “The Big Bug” via eve mail.

Join the gentle, loving embrace of the Hive, apply today.

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