Insurrection | Mercenary Coalition - Majority Veteran or Active Duty Corp

We maintain a professional PVP enviroment for pilots who are looking to be with likeminded pilots. No Politics, just pvp. The majority of our members are prior service and long time EVE Vets

Our Corp Leadership includes: 1 USAF, 3 USN, 1 US Army & 1 Canadian Air Force Academy Cadet and 2 civilians.

To Learn more join us in our channel: The Insurrection

Our Rules:

  1. PVP
  2. Don’t make the corp look bad.
  3. No talking in local

Membership Benefits:

  • Lots of fleet during all hours
  • Ability to try your FC’ing Skills (Even if you have never FC’ed before)
  • Heavily discounted Caps & Supers
  • Ship Replacement Program
  • Access to Carebear activities on alts

-Willingness to PVP (30kills/month as a member and participate in ops)
-Use of Coms
-Self Sufficent
-Team player

We fly (Armor and Shield):
Faction Cruisers
Faction Battleships

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still looking to add more real life vets or folks that enjoy the military style banter in life. hit me up ingame if you want to learn more about the corp and the great things we are doing.

we are also going to have 20+ members attending eve vegas this coming year! :smiley:

Still looking to add more members to our ranks.

Space open for qualified members to fill our ranks. Space is limited however, so convo me in game, send me a note, drop something here on Eve-O, and join our ranks and become part of the family.

As we play this game, and while in INSU, we all have come to understand one thing…“It’s about the man next to you.”

Well im a new omega player… 12 years active duty in the Army… i have very little skill points but that only comes with time…

sent you a note in game, hit me up when you can, may have an opportunity for you.

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