The Insurrection. Hiring Pirate minded corps and individuals!

The Insurrection is a small pirate alliance that patrols the syndicate and placid areas looking for PvP content.
We offer a newbro training corporation specifically tailored to assisting those alphas and new players who are new to PvP. We have players and corps who specialize in camping and piracy, as well as players and corps who are fantastic solo and small gang pilots.

What Can We Offer??

Active PvP Community
Home is one jump from High, Low, and Nullsec
Alliance Logistics to move loot and ships to and from trade hubs
New bros!
Experienced pvpers here to help you learn!
Black ops and Capital escalations
Faction warfare Roams
Make money PvPing! Join a highly efficient gate camp and take all the loot!!
Community/Family Atmosphere that fosters both the die hard pvpers, and the more relaxed types as well

For more questions please contact Tres Pein or Lawns Taranogas in game or join our recruitment channel at INSRT Jobs in game!

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