Interdiction Nullifier Changes resulting from 'The Great Escape' patch

Before the launch of the patch, the Interdiction Nullifier was slated as a low slot module, but when the patch went live, the nullifier was assigned to a high slot. In the case of an Interceptor, specifically the Malediction in my case, this results in a 33% DPS loss when the new Interdiction Nullifier module is fitted.

Given the Malediction’s configuration with 3 launchers and that the disruption immunity used to be a passive hull attribute, is it feasible to create a fourth high slot to accommodate the Interdiction Nullifier module?

This would be useful as I use the Malediction for the Smash and Grab Epic Arc where I need the DPS but also need the ability to escape ganking.

I honestly think the nullifier module should change to a universal one. One that can be fitted in mid, high or low. Let’s you choose which slot you want to sacrifice in order to get the benefits.

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I never understood why people wanted this navigation module to be turned into a high slot module. And I understood even less why CCP gave in and did it.

The entire category of navigation upgrade modules consists of low slot modules and that makes people weigh the benefit of one to the other when fitting their ship: meaningful choices such as “will my survivability increase more with extra agility, warp core stabilisation, speed or nullification?”.

Interceptors (and T3Cs) would lose a low slot item for the nullification module, but that could easily have been compensated with better default agility on the hull (and an extra low slot on the nulli subsystem).

But no, people complained, CCP turned it into a high slot module and now this defensive navigation module doesn’t compete with other defensive navigation modules on a hull, but is a default choice that reduces the amount of offensive options on the ship.

I think that was a bad choice.

(As we’re on toptic of bad nullifier choices: that was not the only bad choice they made about the nullifiers, they also gave the restrained nullifier the wrong meta name.)

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Why would you be using both an IN module and a gun at the same time?

I dont understand why you dont think this is entirely on CCP.

I dont recall people asking for it this way, if you do, thats fair enough but I dont really recall a time when CCP did anything they were asked to do.

Lots of people were asking for it in this thread before my post and before CCP turned it into a high slot module.

They might not always listen, but do sometimes listen. Even when it’s a bad idea. :frowning:

Maybe in the fleets of nullified dps interceptors? That was a common sight before the nullification changes, after that less so.

I guess that’s one good result of the nullifier as high slot item.

For nullified tackle interceptors the dps is of a much lower priority.

Eh they should use it for transport then switch out before the operation.

Otherwise sounds a bit risk adverse.

The explorers who use ships with 3 high slots did.

wasn’t this the primary thing they were trying to inhibit with this change?

The best approach would be as you state let the item fit in any slot and it comes with 30 minute activation delay after every use which is fair for all.

Why would explorers need to have turrets?

They wanted the nullifier to be a high slot as a 3rd high is generally a wasted slot for them so they can keep their lows for speed and agility.

It’s the same for tackling inties really, they care very little about their dps and the nullifier being a HS would affect/upset existing fits the least.

From CCP’s pov I wouldn’t be surprised if they wanted more differentiation between the coverts and the Astero. But that’s just me guessing.

Youre saying people who wanted nullification wanted a limited capability, time limited module?

None of this really adds up.

No, I’m not saying that at all and you’re doing your usual routine picking a fight through straw manning. The Nullification module WAS going to happen so then they wanted the most optimum version of it for them, a hs version. Carebears don’t care about weapons. I’ll leave it at that.

No, I find straw men other people make and they get defensive when I point it out.

Which is the opposite of the position you started arguing with me under.

I have no idea why you chose to argue but there you go.

Because the ‘ELITE’ hunters (gatecampers) and pvpers cried and turns out aren’t that 1337.
The ‘wolves’ ( :joy: :joy: :joy: ) want ez kills. End of story.


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