Interested in buying a beginner carrier pilot

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o/ Fellow capsuleers!
I am interested in a price of a carrier pilot with following properties (interested in prices so i can prepare farm up isk to buy a character) so i can farm isk more faster (my tengu`s output is only 10-14 mil isk per tick and that is woefully slow for 970 dps cap stable hamgu):

  1. It should be able to fly thanatos/Nidhoggur (afaik those are most efficient at farming)
  2. He should be able to fit a T1 fit so i can learn how to pilot it (i would go for T2 but i`m not sure i can ever farm enough isk for it) and evolve skills, but preferrably good enough to put a similar/slightly better DPS compared to tengu.

Thank you for reading, please tell me approximate price so i can save/farm enough isk for it.

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You want to post there instead:

PS: Farmers are a cancer.

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