Interested in WH Space? Enjoy small gang PVP? Need Isk?

Interested in WH Space? Enjoy small gang PVP? Need Isk?

The Reformed. Wants you!

We are a PVP WH corporation currently living in a C4 static c5, c4 WH with perfect PI.

About The Reformed.

Originally founded in 2009, The Reformed started off as a small time pirate corporation. After joining a few different alliances, The Reformed found themselves fighting in nullsec and corp numbers growing exponentially. After a year or so, The Reformed decided to move into WH space, it is here were The Reformed has grown its roots. We are now rebuilding after taking breaks from the game.

If your looking for a corp that you can actually make a difference in, and not be “just another number”. Then The Reformed. is the right place for you.

What can we currently offer?

  • An active WH alliance

  • Regular PVP

  • Regular ISK making opportunities

  • Lots of laughs and banter

  • Our Alliance “Meme Generator” “Pothakos”

  • Perfect PI


We have lowered our requirements temporarily for our recruitment drive

  • Minimum 20mill SP (Currently we are accepting lower SP players)

  • Must PVP

  • English Speaking

  • Use of a microphone, must be on discord

  • All TZ’s accepted

We are looking for active players who may also wish to help the corp grow. Please contact either myself “Benjamin Quokka” or “Annabelle Tsero” in-game or reply to this post if your interested and would like to have a chat J

We look forward to hearing from you o7

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Recruitment is open :slight_smile:

Bump, if your looking for a close knit community then come check us out. No pressure.

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