Interfaction dynamics & Planetary Conquest

so, this idea is basically a way to expand on the existing standings system.

currently if you run missions, kill npcs or take part in FW, there is a change to your standings usually between two groups, some empire and pirate faction for example.

however I feel that if capsuleers fly against one group, the faction standings should not only effect the opposition as they do now, but could effect the other factions on the map.

if you’re flying with a pirate group against amarr for example and you’re getting plenty of kills, why is then minmatar not taking advantage of this?

wouldn’t minmatar going “this guy’s alright, give him a minor standing boost” and similar to FW currently with suppression and corruption, why are they then not pushing their front lines into amarr space?

this would mean every NPC that’s killed by a player has a resonating political effect throughout the game, this can also be the case when it comes to vanguard.

loss of space territory = NPC faction vanguard deployment.
this could lead to interesting situations where the system maybe ruled by empire A but the planet is controlled by Pirate Faction X.

this could also lead to interesting development for planetary events such as restrictions on PI extraction or some kind of planetary block-aid from Empire A to prevent Faction X providing space support.

this would generate combat content for capsuleers, add value and additional purpose to Vanguard while creating completely unique events within solar systems around planets and moons as appropriate.

instead of creating a situation where CCP is coding responses to player interaction.
if CCP creates a more dynamic system which spawns various events for the players to respond too, it means they can keep focus on the narrative which then becomes → environmental mechanics → game play content.

I think it would be much cooler to see something like this present in the game and give the game an organic feel where the lines are drawn, very similar to how FW is now.

welcome to EVE Online, where everything’s on fire.