Intergalactic Space Hobos [BUMS] Recruiting for member corporations [PvP] [Lowsec] [NPC Null] [WH]

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BUMS is a content oriented, hyper-aggressive alliance built upon sustaining content for our members. Based in Vestouve (Placid), our group has access to wide ranges of content avenues both small roams and up to strategic fleet operations. Our Alliance’s cornerstone is embracing space poverty – relying less on numbers and structures, while focusing on pilot skill and determination to exert force in the sandbox to achieve our goals.

Our alliance also has the capacity to support industry ventures, as well as a wide breadth of areas to utilize to enrich our members pockets. As a pirate group at heart, we encourage hunting game play and regularly reward our members. A group led by battle-heartened veterans, we have a community that fosters growth, from our newbro members just learning the ropes, to veterans coming from SovNull to experience the play styles we have to offer. Our group offers growth, prosperity, content, and a casual place to hang and enjoy the game.

[BUMS] is currently open for corporation recruitment, interested in finding groups who want to take up the torch and join the ranks, both in the USTZ and for our growing EUTZ.

For information, head to the alliance discord [Dirty Vagrants] Dirty Vagrants, or PM:

MasterGlorfy (Alliance CEO, King Bum)

Zunixx Fairchild (Diplo)


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