Dirty Vagrants is Recruiting!

Dirty Vagrants is Recruiting!

Are you a homeless nomad, tired of the blue-donut, ratting, and being asked to perform some semblance of personal hygiene?

If so, our low-sec pvp corp is the right place for you.

Dirty Vagrants | Corporation | zKillboard

Pop in our channel: Dirty Vagrants Open
And ask for a recruiter if interested!

Recruitment is still open!

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Come and join the bums!

Join the wandering hobos today!

Vagrants is recruiting!

No blue donut!

Great group of people here and it’s the only reason I came back to the game to be honest. We have had a lot of fun lately.

If you are looking for low sec pvp without half of eve being blue and a lot of the other bullsh*t, come chat with one of us in Dirty Vagrants Open!

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