Introducing Improved Mobile Depots

Being part of the Faction War, I like the stations in each site. I suggest that Small and Medium stations, similar to the Small and Medium stations in a Faction War plex site, be made into Improved Mobile Depots.

Each IMD would be able to house up to four, Navy battleship class ships and would have a cargo bay of 75,000k m3. Anchoring times would be half of that for a citadel type structure, would not have any offensive/defensive or manufacturing capabilities. The IMD would have an acceleration gate with a password for those using the IMD.

A new hacking module would be developed that would allow hackers to hack the gate entrace and then warp to the station inside. The new hacking module would have 50 BPO’s of 100 copies each and 1,250 BPC copies of 1 module each that would randomly drop in data sites in Low Sec.

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