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Following is for Sale:

Wyvern Blueprint 8 / 10 - 25bil

T2 Bpos : All 10/20

Claw - 110bil
Dual Heavy Beam Laser II - 40bil
Aurora L x3 - 40bil Each
Dual 180 Autocannon II - 45bil
Scourge Javelin Rocket - 35bil

WTB The following:

Capital Module BPOS

how much for the nyx or hel blueprint


25 reasonable? I’m not up to date on SC bpos.

I can do 23 now if that sounds fair

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Is Scourge Precision Cruise Missile still available?


I could do 80 for all 3

I was in 1st on the scourge precision cruise missile. Could I get it for your asking of 25bil?

Good luck!:slight_smile:

Yes i will setup contract. Apologies was away from a bit.

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Bump. Inventory updated.

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Bumpy bump


To the Top inventory updated


Inventory updated.