Willing to sell:

  1. Ion Blaster Cannon
    2.Mjolnir Fury Cruise Missile - Sold
    3.Scourge Precision Heavy Missile

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210b for all

can you list the prices?

Thank you for sharing your invaluable opinion. Feel free to make your own offer for all or selected bpos.

220 for all

225 bil for all

230 B offer

Mjolnir sold,

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daily bump

For the remaining two, what are the highest bids so far?

i think for now there is no offer for the 2 remaining blueprints, you can be the first to do it,
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140bil for both

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daily bump

how much do you expect for each? pls send mail to SilentStorm67

+1, please send me an email with your price expectations too, Shareq… or just post them here

mail send,
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