Wts t2 bpo

make an offer!
I will not consider low offers!
He is in no hurry to sell
there is no minimum price
if I think the offer is good, I will consider the sale!

astarte 10/16
astarte 10/20
damnation 10/18 SOLD
damnation 10/18
prowler 10/18
occator 9/20 ingame offer SOLD
oneiros 10/20 ingame offer SOLD
barrage L 10/18
barrage L 101/20 SOLD
conflagration L 9/20
ion blaster cannon 10/20
heavy neutron blaster 10/20 SOLD
neutron blaster 10/20
1200mm artillery 10/20

good luck with the bidding:)

edit: new bid

EDIT: Offer recalled on the Barrage L bpo, forgot I already own it, apologies.

Damnation 350

Also Occator 300

700 for both Astarte

Prowler 250b


how much fore the ammos?

I’m also interested in the ammo prints.

I will take offers until the end of the month

Heavy Neutron Blaster II 245b

Heavy Neutron Blaster II 300b

Set up the contract I’ll accept