WTS T2 BPO Dual 425mm Autocannon II Me10 Te20 + More BPOs

Serious offers pls

up and up

up u go!

up again

get up there

How much?

offers pls. ill say if ok

up you go

Dual 425mm AutoCannon II Blueprint 60B
Mjolnir Fury Heavy Missile Blueprint 35B
Scourge Javelin Rocket Blueprint 20B
Scourge Rage Rocket Blueprint 30B

I have time to wait. No pressure.

I give priority for the full package. I have some in-game offers so keep them coming.

No rush

Up you go

Contacted you in-game w/ offer.

Thank you for all the offers.
Please be civil in your communications.
Your feelings about me or the way I am conducting my business are not concerning me and have exactly zero impact on the pricing or pacing of the procedure.
I am not pressed to sell, I am selling as part of a business process that has to end with a profit.
Please keep sending in your offers, I am answering to all messages no matter how low the offer is.

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