Investigation into Lai Dai's Role in the Intaki Prime Conflict

For the past two months Icarus Conflict Solutions, along with several other capsuleer-led entities, have been working to address the ongoing conflict on Intaki Prime. The players of this particular game are myriad and it goes without question that most are in agreement that the welfare of Intaki Prime and her people are the utmost concern even if our reasons for such are varied. Yet, there are those would seek to exploit The Jewel and I feel it is my reluctant responsibility to bring them to bear for their actions. Through our investigations, we have determined that the Lai Dai megacorporation and their contracted affiliate PMC, Onikanabo Brigade, have done well to hide their tracks, but there is enough circumstantial evidence to begin to paint a picture as to their true drive.

In late YC120, the Ida monk, Wafneque Erilon discovered what he believed was a “reborn” Idama enslaved by Sa-Baron Atazil Kufail of Vezila in the Khanid Kingdom. As the Idama often serve as spiritual leaders for the Intaki, it was in Erilon’s interests to see her returned to the planet and he attempted to barter for her freedom, but was denied by Sa-Baron Kufail. Two months later, around the time of the Kahah Massacre, extremists under the banner of the ‘Idama en Waro Repatriation Front’ assaulted a Khanid slave ship in their attempts to free the Idama, but were unsuccessful. Sa-Baron Kufail blamed the Ida leadership for the actions of the extremists, claiming that “their attempts to hide their involvement shower them with guilt”.

It was immediately after this that Khanid Royal Commodore Arraz Nomarya met with representatives of Intara Direct Action and Onikanabo Brigade to secure their services for ‘counter-terrorist operations’.

In the middle of June of this year, Sa-Baron Kufail was listed among the reported dead after a slave revolt on Ham VIII. At approximately the same time, Onikanabo Brigade launched their assault on Intaki Prime, desecrating Ida Monasteries. The Onikanabo Brigade’s involvement was quickly contended as Icarus Conflict Solutions began to supply troops to the area quite early on, though they were initially unmarked as the operation was heavily classified at the time.

In regards to Lai Dai, It is common knowledge that Lai Dai is heavily invested in Khanid corporations and their close relationship has been mutually beneficial in research and development. Though this has (to our knowledge) never extended beyond mere economic and scientific associations, it isn’t unlikely that Lai Dai’s interests in Khanid affairs would weigh heavily on the consideration to become involved as combatants. This is compounded when one sees their rivalry with the Ishukone Corporation, who has long held a presence on Intaki Prime.

Given the mutual interest in Khanid workings, it is perhaps unsurprising that there is a connection to be drawn to their contractual partnership on Intaki Prime as we have recently discovered. To that end, we can only speculate, but if we look at the situation through the lens of the Khanid Kingdom, we can make an educated assumption. We do not believe it is a coincidence that Onikanabo’s desecration of Ida monasteries would come at a time so close to their conversations with Commodore Nomarya, and we look to the timing of their invasion in line with Sa-Baron Kufail’s death as further evidence of this.

Could Lai Dai simply be interested in a hostile takeover of Intaki? Perhaps, but unlikely. Intaki was only bid upon by the Ishukone Corporation at the last second of the Blind Auction nearly a decade ago. Likewise, Lai Dai had nearly a decade with which to act on any potential interest toward the system. They did not attack Ishukone’s interests, and do not show evidence of engaging their ongoing rivalry with the other corporation. They did not aim to procure what poor resources are available, or they would have attacked much more valuable targets. They have not made larger claim to the system itself, as their efforts are focused on Intaki Prime. They did not attack civilians indiscriminately, and show no ambitions of genocide. They attacked Ida spiritual buildings and medical research structures. Thus, we can only assume this is their aim.

Bearing in mind Sa-Baron Kufail’s allegations toward the Ida leadership, and it becomes much more likely that Lai Dai and Onikanabo operate as agents in a proxy war bent on revenge that Khanid could not exact themselves. The Kingdom is far from Intaki and we believe that the jurisdictional and logistical burdens supplant the desire for direct vengeance. As we have seen before with the issue of the Kahah Massacres - of which we at ICRS share our deepest condolences and sympathies - it is not unexpected for the Kingdom to react disproportionately and fervently.

A perhaps more tenuous link lies with Orlon Zashev, who himself was a member of the Royal Khanid Navy and later the Onikanabo Brigade. At the very least, he serves as evidence of the strength between the Royal Khanid Navy and Onikanabo Brigade’s relationship. Given the notoriety of the man’s career as both war criminal and slaver, it is perhaps indicative of both entities’ conduct toward humanity in the greater sense. It is unfortunate that his whereabouts and the information he may possess are unknown, having been auctioned away by bounty hunters. Nevertheless, Icarus pursues any information he may have or have had.

In conclusion, we make this statement as a word of warning to those who visit the Kingdom. Take heed, for their wrath may very well expand beyond their borders. For now, we may only be left to speculate and continue our fight against encroachers; our month-long contract extended indefinitely.

In regard to Lai Dai and their associates: Cease and desist, or pass along my sincerest condolences to the families of the men and women you are about to lose.


First, before all else, I thank you for providing a public summary of the events that have transpired in the greater sphere of Intaki over the past year. I believe you made every effort to analyze data from multiple sources, which is greatly beneficial in reaching the truth. Some of this information, particularly the matter on Vezila, was under-reported in Nonni localnets, and it does paint a more complex picture than previously thought.

I find that your assertions with regard to Lai Dai and Khanid are plausible, though the idea of a reversal of fortunes in any rivalry with Ishukone is questionable (which you also suggest later in your analysis). My belief is that it is more likely that, given Lai Dai’s strategic interests and the orientation of the Intaki system, such matters are considered settled. (If the opposite were true, the “battleground” would be a CEP adjudicator’s hall.)

Your conjecture on the connections - between the Khanid Kingdom, Commodore Nomarya, Onikanabo Brigade, and Orlon Zashev - illustrates some curious correlations, but I am not aware of sufficient evidence to draw subsequent causation for the situation on Intaki V. However, I must agree that your speculations raise troubling possibilities that transparency might otherwise dispel.

Part of the reason we are forced to speculate is the lack of definitive statements, which have been requested repeatedly. Colonel Yuminoro has stated the 203rd Regiment’s operations to be “…in accordance with Caldari State corporate law and principles of reclamation from conflict zones and territorial possessions of the Caldari people.” This is, so far as I am aware, the only official LDPS comment on the matter. In my opinion, this clarifies nothing. Admittedly, the Colonel is likely cleared to say this and this alone, publicly. I believe the situation on the Intaki homeworld, in particular the activities of the Onikanabo Brigade, and involvement of other extra-State interests, demand serious scrutiny and greater accountability. In the absence of operational transparency, this should come from the executives of LDPS, or their officers of counsel.

I would echo my petition to NOHNN to provide additional reportage on any and all non-classified activities. We’ll not find our strength in ignorance.


Well worded, Miss Heiwari. Feel free to provide a link to your petition. I am sure others will find it laudable, given the circumstances.

A well written and sourced analysis. My compliments.

There is one inaccuracy, however: Orlon Zashev’s general whereabouts are known, that being in the custody of the Royal Heir Arrach Sarum, as we delivered him. If any information he holds is relevant, I pray interested parties seek out audience with my Lord.

Thank you for the clarification, Captain Shutaq. We were made aware that Orlon Zashev was given over to Amarr authorities at an early time but did not specify as we were not clear as to who. We would be interested in what information he has, but also feel that, being in Sarum Family’s custody, he is well outside our influence.

Any attack on Lai Dai and associates will be considered as attack on Caldari State and will be dealt with swiftly and mercilessly.

ALL enemies of the State WILL DIE.

Quite the threat you’ve issued yourself, Miss Kim.


Is it a threat if I tell criminal scum that if they attack a security forces (like LDPS) they will be hunted down for it? You can consider it a fair warning, that really shall be listed as obvious.

And that all the enemies of the State will die? I don’t know, you might consider it a threat - I consider it a profession. It’s my duty to exterminate all enemies of the State that I will find, would they be baseliners or capsuleers, giving them no quarter. You might guess I do this job quite passionately and thoroughly.

But this is a discussion about nothing.

What you should know, is that I prefer not to take any surrender of a Federal divisions until the whole Federation surrenders and that I really don’t like to take prisoners. And I like to shoot wrecks of enemies of the State, knowing that if I won’t get these survivors - nobody else will, and they will never ever attack the State again.

If you will happen to know by any chance any pilot who would be so foolish to DARE to attack Lai Dai forces, those who will follow them, those who will serve on their vessels, crewmembers, passengers, pilots themselves, their ships. They’re all gonna die. TELL THEM before they make a mistake they won’t be able to pay for with anything else than their pathetic lives.

And I never bargain with enemies. The death is the only payment they receive.

Glory to the State!!

It comes as no surprised that your blinkered world view caused you to miss the point Ms. Amadi was making.

Ms. Kim, you’ve fallen so far that the idea that even a sliver of honour or service to the State still remains behind your hatred and threats of violence is ridiculous.

Nobody is convinced by your pretense, and instead the only person that you are lying to is yourself.

Suresha Bataav, is it a trait you’ve come to know among Caldari capsuleers to admit to what would otherwise be considered war crimes, or is she an anomaly? She is quite the little saboteur… Though of what, I am unclear. Still, I’m sure Isukone welcomes any evidence they can muster to their legal claims.

“Anomaly” is one of the more polite names attributed to the Strike Commander.

I’m not even sure she is aware how damaging her own rhetoric is for her reputation.

Let us set aside the fact that she continues to defy the CEP’s judgement, and continues to champion the terrotist Heth.

In Intaki, her obsession with I-RED, and her hatred of the Federation have compelled her to throw her lot in with Lai Dai and their confederates.

In Intaki, she is now associated with the Onikanabo Brigade, named as they are after a notorious crime clan, and regarded with disdain by most reasonable Caldari citizens.

And in her support of the violence on Intaki Prime, she has placed herself in opposition to Mordu’s Legion and Isuuaya Tactical, both highly respected in the State.

If I were Ms. Kim, I’d feel deeply ashamed of my choices.


My choices?

My choices are to serve the State and exterminate all threats to Caldari State. Speaking about being ashamed, it’s you who have just ashamed yourself in front of whole IGS, putting a bunch of nonsense and slanders about my persons.

Besides that you publically dared to claim I don’t have honor, and that won’t stand. Lets see if YOU have a sliver of honor left behind your lying offensive persona.

As a honorable State officer, I challenge you to a duel. Either pick your weapon of choice (it could be a ship size or baseline weapons - I fight on stations as well), or show whole cluster that you’re just another dishonorable coward lying scum!


I’m afraid I have to point out the obvious flaw in your challenge: If Bataav considers you to be dishonorable and dishonest, then there is no dishonor for him to refuse your challenge, just as there would be no dishonor in you ignoring a challenge put forth by someone you consider to have no honor.

Is there some other way you could engage with him that doesn’t depend on him believing you to be honorable?

No, no.

I have spoken, and my words have offended the Strike Commander, and she is quite within her rights to respond.

There is no denying Ms. Kim’s proficiency in combat, and so the outcome of a duel is unlikely to be a surprise.

Even so, I shall not shy away from it.

Strike Commander, I shall contact you privately to make the arrangements.

I shall simply note that a duel will not alter the facts on Intaki Prime.


Wasting your time, Suresha. That ISK would be better spent on Intaki than Pilot Kim.

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