Invictus Templars - New Player Friendly Corp PVE PVP


Invictus Templars

A new order created to help new players integrate into EVE online.

What do we offer?

Introduction to Ships, Race & Categories

Explanation of the different types of space, High Sec, Low Sec, Null Sec etc

Overview set up (HUD)

Ship Fitting Tutorial

Fleet Discipline, Key words, communication

PVE Roams

PVP Roams

ISK Generation

What do we ask of you?

Ability to communicate on Discord

Be willing to learn & progress

Ships will be handed out for all lessons

Invictus Templars Corporation Rewards

1st - 240 Plex + 2 LSI (Large Skill Injectors)

2nd - +2 LSI (Large Skill Injectors)

3rd - +1 LSI (Large Skill Injector)

Please join our Discord for any enquiries - Invictus Templars

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