Iron Armada | US, EU, AU | Obnoxiously Active PVP Alliance

Hello Everyone, I’m Jurius Doctor. YouTuber, and Recruiter for Iron Armada [FLEEP].
Iron Armada’s recruitment is:

Open on a case-by-case basis.

About Iron Armada:

Iron Armada is an obnoxiously active PVP-focused mid-tier Alliance. 
Our mission is simple: we go where the fights are to be had. 
Right now it is fighting entities our size in Low-Sec, but next week 
or next month it might be helping out larger or smaller groups 
deep Null-Sec. We go where the action is because we like good
fights, good fun, and straight-forward engagement.

We are also one of the most accepting alliances in New Eden, 
we do not discriminate on any basis (sexuality, ethnicity, gender, 
or religious belief) and our Code of Conduct reflects this. Such 
behavior is grounds for immediate discharge from the Alliance. 
Iron is one big family, and we treat everyone as such. People 
who do not fit that culture find their way to the door pretty quickly.

Join the IronArmadaRecruitment in-game channel for more information, and to speak with a recruiter, or PM me directly on Discord: [FLEEP] Jurius Doctor #8085

To see some of our fun Shenanigans, you can view the following videos:

Warning: Very NSFW language


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