Iron Fleet

We are a very close knit team that work together to assist the members and players of the Corp achieve their in-game goals and ambitions. We are experienced in PVP, industy and logistic; meaning we have the knowledge and infrastructure to help you succeed and meet your goals. We are predominately USTZ and want to expand to EUTZ and grow our USTZ member base

:rocket: Corp Objectives

  • Develop our pilots abilities with access to various content
  • Aim and encourage our pilots to fly Supers/Titans
  • Access to production for those that are also Industrial minded
  • Support the needs of our pilots
  • Create a fun environment with no drama

:bulb: What We Offer

  • Friendly and Active Corporation
  • Socially Active on comms
  • Bountyful PVP opportunities and a place to make an income to support players

:man_astronaut: Requirements

  • Character(s) must be Omega Status
  • Must have adequate SP for PVP and must train towards all doctrine ships
  • Participation in PvP - Corp and the Alliance Level
  • Must have a working headset
  • Discord and TS3
  • Must have active killboard activity
  • Full SSO Registration for Security Checks

:dart: Highlights

  • Capital Warfare
  • Small/large scale PVP - from Small roams to capital engagements
  • Daily PVP in one form or another
  • Target rich environment

Join Channel Iron Fleet Recruitment in game

Recruitment still open come join us

Great PVP Guys!

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