Iron-Fleet Recruiting

Iron-Fleet Corporation members of requiem eternal is recruiting

USTZ core PvP,PvE, WH Dives, Exploration
Recruiting for all tzs
Leadership who has been playing this game together for over 5 years
Current Recruitment Status: OPEN

What we can Offer:

Located in null-sec Impass
Small gang roams
Large scale Alliance warfare
Capital PvP and Hotdrops!
Ship Reimbursement Program!
A stable home with a fantastic group of players
ISK making options galore!
Rorqual Mining
Titans and Supers that are easily and cheaply acquired
Experienced members to help guide lower SP players

What we’re looking for, ideally:

Mumble with a working microphone
Participation in Corporate and Alliance operations
Be able to buy Alliance and Corp docrines
Willingness to train into alliance doctrines

Come have a chat with Recruitment, You can also join our discord

Recruitment still open

Hey guys. I have a large SP pool but i’ve mostly done that training while being offline for years at a time. I always come back trying to find a corp to learn from and finally grasp the game enough to become an asset to a corp i enjoy playing with. So i’m gonna need some patience from the leaders of whatever corp i Join. If you are interested in me let me know by sending me an In game email to Berzerk3r. Also is it possible we use teamspeak or just discord to speak?

Recruitment is still open guys come have some fun.

What sort of doctrine are you guys flying. Im mostly trained cal/gal.

cal/mini mostly

Still looking for active members we having fun and making iskies.

Still expanding to grow active pvpers

Recruitment is open for active players.

Looking for more active members

Recruitment open

Recruiting all TZs

Recruitment open

Recruitment is open join our discord to find out more.

Looking for more indy dudes and pvpers

We’re gaining numbers come be apart of something fun

We’re looking to grow more active pvpers and pvers alike. Check us out and stop by if you like what you read.

Recruitment is still open

Recruitment is still Open.

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