🦄 Iron Sails A null sec Ratting & Mining No Fees


We are a Corporation in OASA

We private rent 4 systems for our members

We have Subcap ratting ships on contract VNI’s

We have a T2 rigged Refinery for miners and industry guys

Corp Buyback

There is no Monthly fee for being a member

We have a -0.94 dead end


We offer a JF service from jita

Visit https://ironsails.info

In-Game Channel IRSA Pub

Join our discord https://discord.gg/AaWUpHQ

Back to the top and welcome to all our new members

More members joining every day

We continue to grow every day drop by IRSA Pub ingame or visit https://ironsails.info

If you have any questions drop by our channel “IRSA Pub”

Back up.

Now using Seat 3.0 with ESI due to API’s Ending

pop over to our public channel “IRSA PUB

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up again still loads of drones to kill

up again

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We are still swapping the pocos to corp ones

We will be starting ice mining ops soons

Come join us today

I joined a few weeks back, making nice isk… The corp leadership are nice chaps and very helpful!!

thanks and it great having you in corp

Corps growing well Join Today

Sounds interesting,
Is there a Corp Buyback program and can we bring Alts to help mine or defend?

We will start a buy back soon you can bring in alts

Back up the list

almost at 100 members we still have lots of room for growth

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