Is there any dedicated abyssal

corps or semi dedicated corps recruiting? im wanting to get into this without running t4/5 on my own all the time would be keen to do some triple ship sites.

You can triple box like I do :stuck_out_tongue:

1 can hehe

There’s a few highsec ones, but most groups just have a small gang that enjoys running the content.

Alex, are you based in hs and only do abyssal sites?

yeah based in hs… if I was to do only abyssal sites… I could squeeze in some week night runs… presently sitting idle while war dec rolls over.

otherwise I been doing weekend missions

null sec missions not for you?

depends on what ones and end of the day I will only be able to play weekends. pretty much what im doing

Im thinking out loud now… for you to hear :stuck_out_tongue:

My corp and myself are mostly based out in Syndicate, but im more of an allsec type of player - i think many are tbvh, living in syndicate just suits me more than hs as its a bit too safe in high and i like to pvp.

We dont really care too much about where players base themselves and I am interested in developing a team for abyss space, however, i dont have the time to develop this, recruit, train newbros, complete logistics and have time to make the isk i need to plex - aswell as have fun on my own time.

Would it be of interest to be part of a developing crew for this?

You could have a jump clone in null for times of war or if you wanted to try something else, many hs folks simply dont play during wardecks.

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