Returning omega 5mil sp pve mission runner Looking to get into Abyssal

I’m just returning already omega again, and I’m looking to get in to Abyssal runs, I want to stay in high sec and mostly do combat missions. Play sun throw sat uptime till 06:00 eve time or later. I’m a US est player free most of the time. Love to make new friends, Don’t like pvp only because I’m unskilled and don’t know how.

Recently Returning myself… started a new corp… looking for ppl just like you… I can help you with abyssal and pvp. Hit me up in game, let’s chat

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I tried to PM you in game , but no response

My bad been afk alot today… I’ll be on this evening if you’d like to try again

@Professor_O just sent you an ingame mail… hope to see you on our discord server :slight_smile:

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