Is there anywhere left in lowsec for a solo/small corp?

I’m curious if all of lowsec falls under some larger coalition or if there is a place where a smaller corp or even solo player could live out of doing both PVP and PVE. My knowledge of the map is fairly dated.

Tons of places…LS is great for a small corp but don’t expect to put-up a station of your own…

Use DOTLAN to find a nice quiet area (using jumps as the filter) and then cross reference with zKB…I quickly looked at Aridia and there are lots of areas with less than 15 jumps an hour…

I’m in the same boat, returning after a long time. Used to live in wormhole space doing PI, now I’m looking for a good spot in LS with low taxes and low activity.

You think station ownership is out of the question in lowsec?

you can enlist your corp in the militia them you can own a station no problem
militia defend it for you

I actually don’t know what you mean; can you expand on that maybe with an example?

What do you plan to do? I live in low sec all the time. Once you spend enough time in an area, you get to know who is a pirate, who is a ratter, who is a mission runner etc. Very few systems get “locked down” unless they’re a deadend system, and even then, you can violate their space and run sites or hack cans in a cloaky / agile ship. The Astero and Stratios, T3 destroyers and T3 cruisers are perfect for low sec.

I started the thread as a general question but personally I was looking to setup a station as a base of operations though it sounds like that may be a bit far fetched. Just wanted a quieter place for a bit of everything as far as indy and pvp.

well ,

this is in low, some guy made a corp , enlsted the corp on the amarr militia , and we can use his strut for free ,if someone comes to attack the strut the amarr militia have lots of players to defend it


AH! Now I get it…Interesting way to do it I guess.


Np dude welcome to amarr militia :stuck_out_tongue:

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My home away from home is an NPC station in a 0.1 system dead-end with a few jumps needed to HS. It’s quiet and great to mine, hunt clones/NPChaulers or whatever…very lucrative and chill (for LS). Plus the people you meet in LS are pretty cool, even the try-hard PvP’ers.

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Low sec is almost completely bare. Just take what you want and see if you have stirred up a hornet’s nest.

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Oh wow, that’s very interesting, never considered that dynamic.

/me Thinks Furiously

There are a few regions in lowsec that are playgrounds for big nullsec groups. They will just blow structures up for fun. I think Aridia falls into this category.

Just fly around and look for quiet areas. If there are hostile locals, they will present themselves to you.

Yep…I found my area in a day or two of looking on DOTLAN and zKB and it was pretty easy to see the safer vs scarier places. It also helps to run alts of have buddies in LS of course so the OP should be fine as long as they make nice with the big boys that will inevitable visit once in a while.

How do you “make nice” with them?

Talking actually works in LS pretty well oddly enough I’ve found. I mean, not exchanging recipes for cupcakes but just be curious and shoot the poop…LS folks seem to want LS to lose the stigma it has and if you are a contributor to that then you also get the “local” rep…

Grain of salt and all…

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I once gave someone my curry recipe which helped get me access to a lowsec moon belt :slight_smile:


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