Is there no more MER?

Where is the last few MERs? Where is the data??

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@CCP_Falcon Where’s September and Octobers MER?

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Hidden inside the Pearl Abyss data vault. Sealed. :lock: :eyes:


May be time to unsub till they release missing MERs…

And in reason put “missing mer for september and october”

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@Brisc_Rubal do you have any idea why september wasn’t posted? Not sure if it was mentioned at the meeting.

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As I understand it Larrikin was out of town, but I expect we will get one here shortly.

Got to fudge heavily first …

Have patience - the MER has become a huge recruitment tool for large groups. I understand a number of large groups are represented on the CSM.

A large group is represented on the CSM… and yes, maybe there is some embarrassment about that groups dominance in the MER (although I doubt it as Falcon seems to be that way inclined)

Delve out-performed too much that CCP is afraid to post it.


They’re going to be published tomorrow :slight_smile:

The run up to EVE Vegas had us super busy, so we didn’t have time to pull the September one together.

The October MER is ready too.

I’ll be publishing them both tomorrow, and then we’ll be back on track for November :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay!


Finally, we are getting blessing from MER :smiley:

Here’s a link to a news item with them both in it.

Sorry for the delay in getting this to you guys, we’ve been crazy busy with EVE Vegas and prepping for the release of Onslaught :slight_smile:

:heart: Enjoy! :heart:


Are these numbers correct? These two are vastly different from the two months in the trade balances and some of these graphes don’t go to October for the October MER.

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