Is your corpse in my chemosh? Do you want it to be?

(GoldSnake) #1

I’m buying corpses, all corpses. Why? Chemosh corpse bay.

I want your frozen hunk of meaty flesh in my corpse bay, along with 499 other capsuleers.

5 million isk per corpse, contracts to GoldSnake, Jita 4-4 only unless it’s a rare one.
(Have a rare corpse? contact me with what you have and offer. Looking for leaders, movers and shakers, and at least 3 grath corpses.)

Offering 200 high quality corpses
(Linus Gorp) #2

Want a Tempelman N corpse? I’m drowning in them.

(GoldSnake) #3

I’ll take one, but standard price. He aint the most relevant since…2012?

(Linus Gorp) #4

He ragequit a dozen times over the years and is a regular in Scam Citizen these days…

I can offer you a carefully selected package of 500 unique corpses at a discount if you’re interested.

(bbb2020) #5

What is this? Is this the necropolis meeting place for the necrophilia fetichism nyctophilia, whom dwells in the darker places of wormhole space and suffer from insomnia?

How did I end up here?

(MaadJ) #6

You still buying corpses ?

(STwise GGWP) #7

I have 1 corps body. WTS 5mill/convo/mail