We are The alliance. An alliance made up of corporations filled with battle hardened vets and newer players alike that are running various projects throughout New Eden. With projects scaling from teaching newbros, to building capitals and citadels, to teaching PVE as well as large Null Sec fleet battles. We are here to help you be the pilot YOU want to be in New Eden. We are recruiting members and corporations alike.

What we offer:

For Corporations:

A dedicated leadership team with over 30 years combined experience
A place to grow as a leader and mentor amongst the alliance
Team Building opportunities for your corp and cross corp relations

For Industrialists:

Reprocessing with Maxed Skills and implants
Buy Back Program including most raw materials in game at an accurate and fair value
Maxed Orca Boosts
Access to accurate values of ores to get the best ISK/M3
Access to most Ores throughout New Eden

For PVE:

Level 4 Missions and Epic Arcs throughout New Eden
Abyssal Sites and how to run them solo and fleet without dying and be Profitable!
C3/4 Wormhole Exploration
DED Combat Site Guidance
FOB and Diamond Rat Site Running

For Everyone:

Active Alliance Discord
Guidance to Maximize your ISK per Hour
A safe learning environment
An active community
Potential for leadership growth
A leadership team that has a longstanding addiction to Eve Online, If they’re awake, they’re available

Our policy and commitment to you:

We understand everyone has a real life, we are a relaxed community who likes to have a good laugh every day and night we are playing. We are committed to maintaining a friendly, welcoming and teaching environment to everyone who chooses to fly with us. In addition we want to help make Eve Online a fun and engaging experience to everyone who plays with us. We want you to look forward to logging in and having a good time while we give you the tools to succeed in making ISK and carving your way in New Eden. is here to help you be the capsuleer you want to be in New Eden.

Must be 18 years or older to apply.

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Recruiting members and corps alike.

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Both OTAI and is open for recruiting

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