ISK Enterprises – Your new home in New Eden awaits – Recruiting Now!

We are looking to recruit corporations and pilots alike. Become part of our tight-knit, rapidly growing alliance.

ISK Enterprises exists to bring together groups of industrial focused pilots and corporations under one banner. To provide for a safe (relatively; this is EVE, after all!) environment for our pilots to learn, explore this beautiful universe. All while creating the best content we can and generating wealth as a community.

We are looking to expand our current operations in High Sec, and intend on pushing into our own pocket of Null Sec in the coming weeks.

We offer our pilots and corporations a comfortable and easy-going community (RL takes priority over our exploits in EVE). With our industrial roots, logistics and wealth generation are second nature to us.

All our pilots and corporations have access to:

  • A comprehensive buyback program @ 100% Jita buy prices.
  • An efficient hauling service for all your logistical needs.
  • An extensive ship replacement program to ensure that your fun per hour never depends on how much ISK is in your wallet.
  • Training fleets, small gang roams, mining fleets with the best boosts in the game, every day.
  • Doctrine ships, skill plans, and training courses for you to learn how to beat the fabled EVE learning curve.

Pilots of all skill levels, and corporations – small or large – are welcome. We would be happy to have a confidential, detailed discussion with you if our offering interests you.

Please feel free to reach out to Dr Spodumain or Sarafet, via in-game mail or connect with us on our Discord –

Dr. Spodumain#1312

Fly safe. Fly dangerous!


Upward slopes for the slope Gods.

Still recruiting.

Come say hi. We’re still recruiting! :slight_smile:

Still recruiting players and corps! :slight_smile:

Come say hi to our recruiters today. :slight_smile:

Still recruiting new players and corps.

We’re still recruiting.

Bumpity bump bump!

Bout time this was back at the top of the list, now that we’re moving house.

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Bumpity bump bump. Still recruiting.

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