Isk INC.. - WH Corp LF Miners/PVPers

(Shootuinda-ass) #1

Experienced leadership and FC’s.
A solid base of players who are active, thoughtful, and care about eachother!
Does a community like this intrest you?
If so please inquire about oppurtunties to be had.

Those that prize glory above safety! Given the fate of the trip, this trait proved to be pretty key. Our success in WH space lies with you!! As just mentioned we are a WH corp living in a C2. We are looking for PvP Pilots, Miners, and Explo Pilots.

Recruitment Channel: ISK INC
Communications: Teamspeak & Discord.
Message for connection details.

Recruiters: LyfeSaviour , acousticage Tsero. Misdirected. Ookabooka.&

12 mil SP Pilot looking to learn PvP
28M SP Pilot LF Activity
27m SP LF WH Corp
Who wants me?