It is possible to use the old launcher again?


is there an option to activate the old launcher view? Or can i prevent this update to the new launcher view? I did a backup from the old launcher folder, but everytime i start eve online, the client will install the new version.


As mentioned here: Old Launcher Deprecated from 7 February 2024

It is no longer possible to launch Eve online without the new launcher.

This really sucks cuz my mumble doesn’t work with the new launcher. Overlay only works with old one for some reason and in order to speak on mumble with the new one I have to literally switch tabs to mumble to talk then click back on the game which can get annoying. Ive been getting away with using the the old one till today be re installing it and clicking install on exit everytime but stopped working today. and i have ds11 checked tried that.

The Mumble overlay and also the Voice capabilities of the program have absolutely nothing to do with the launcher.

Are you perhaps playing in full screen mode? If so, switch to fixed window mode ingame and see if the problem still occurs.

Appreciate your reply. I do run in fixed window on all my accounts, I used to have issues with it before even on the old launcher but running as admin fixed that about 6 months ago. I still try to run with admin but nothing has helped. I can do without the overlay since there is the talking UI. But the problem of having to tab to mumble just to talk is what annoys me the most. If its not on screen and clicked on I can’t talk. I’ve searched and cant seem to find any solution unfortunately.

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