It’s A Game. Have Some Fun!

EVE is a game, and you’re here to have fun. So, join us in our festivities and find a part in our social family! Whether we’re just hanging out in Discord together or competing in a corp wide event with emcee, spectators, rewards, and all, we’re here to enjoy our time!

We currently can provide the following:

  • Boosted Mining Operations and Mission Fleets for social gameplay

  • Small Gang PvP roams to grow team cohesion

  • Tournaments, scavenger hunts, corp-wide competitions, and many other events

  • Roleplaying storylines for corp events and developments

  • Just-For-Fun RP, such as Ice Cream Stands outside of Amarr, Vaccine Drives outside of Jita, etc.

  • Social, active Discord server

  • Friendly, active players

  • Corp events in all fields

  • Training and Education Fleets

  • Jump Freighter Services

  • Ore, Ice, PI, Salvage and Mineral Buyback Programs

We are looking for experienced Omega’s with a minimum of 5,000,000 skill points, who are invested in being friendly and helpful to corp and corp members while having as much fun together as we can!


Please join: UEASC Public in-game chat channel for more information

Hello y’all. I’m looking to return to the game and stay local. I’m a former BNB and havent play for a couple years. Looks like I missed a ton because no one is in my old stomping grounds. I like what you have to say in this post and look forward to talking with you. I have 29mill skill points if that helps where I’m at. Thanks for your time.

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