Item Sold


I would like to sell

Unit P-343554’s Modified Damage Control
Price: Give good offer.
Location: Close to Jita

16b :ok_hand:

Hm… Maybe little bit more :stuck_out_tongue:


Come on and post real offer dude :slight_smile: and the item can be your today :slight_smile:

Tbh , thats my real offer :stuck_out_tongue:

18b Final :heart:

If not consider it free bumps :ok_hand:

Can you offer 19B and is yours :stuck_out_tongue:

Send me the contract :stuck_out_tongue:

Legit_Salesgirl to her ?

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Him? Excuse me???

It’s To HER :ok_hand:

Done and mine appologize :smile:

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Contract Accepted and Apology Accepted :heart:

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