I've reached 1250 on Project Discovery AMA

I have single-handedly developed the vaccine… :rofl: :thinking:


They’ve finally discovered a vaccine for stupidity?

Yeah… :rofl:

Q : How much Bell’s Palsy did your test subjects get.
Q : How many tik tok dance videos did you upload during this “”"“crisis”""
Q : Can I have your Marshall ?

Q1: None
Q2: None
Q2: Sold for 5 billion 4 months ago


Nice !!!

what was the most clusters you ever identified on a single slide? my highest was 4, but the tooltip says it can be as high as 8.

5 was my highest, but this ends after like level 10-15, after that point I never encountered more than 2 samples on a slide even up to level 1255…

Did you do this actively, or was it more like an activity during travel etc?

While I’m ratting, travelling, PI, everything :smiley: