"JAR-O" We're looking for new members


Are you curious about Null-Sec play in Eve? Do you hunger for the sweet, sweet taste of Arkanor and Mercoxit and better ISK than High Sec? Ever wanted to build capital ships? Want to combat Battleships and Dreadnoughts in asteroid belts? Not sure how to move from Hi-Sec into the untamed wilderness? Worried about getting lost in a giant Corp with a huge set of demands and expectations?

We’re looking for new members who align with our Mission, interests and values:

Adult - We’re 25+ adults who enjoy the complexity of the game, and building dreams, not destroying them.

Mature - ‘Harvesting Tears’, ePeen, smacktalk, Piracy, abuse, racism/sexism/homophobia are never tolerated.

Collaborative - We help each other and our allies to grow, build, learn, and (since it’s Eve) survive.

Fun - We see Eve as a game, a distraction, an amusement and entertainment, not a job or obligation, “RL-real life” comes first.

Ambitious - We’ve got a plan - big plans - and need help to advance our agenda of galactic domination.

Trustworthy - Be reliable, be consistent, be kind, be generous, be the kind of human you wish there were more of.

Established - Capsuleers with 20m+ skill points or less (about a year’s worth of play or less).

Compatible - Industrialist (mining/manufacturing/research/invention) or Combat (to protect the rest of us!).

We’re particularly looking for Mining Directors, Jump Freight capable pilots, and a seasoned Fleet Commander or two to build our Corp’s Combat Air Patrol and Advance Scout Wings.

Who Are We?

We’re JAR-OF-DIRT a low-stress industrial/PVP/PVE Corp newly based in a -0.1 Security System looking for new Members who are interested in mining, building, markets and camaraderie. We’re small, but well-established in an excellent location in Catch Null-Sec . No expectations or requirements for game play - we’re real people with real lives and won’t pressure anyone to be online or logged in.

We offer a variety of infrastructure, support and benefits:

Established - Access to/good standings with local neighbours in the system and constellation.

Supported - Docking rights at five structures in-system (including Capitals), Cloning,
Manufacturing, and Reprocessing locally.

Resourced - Seven asteroid belts, and an ice-belt in-system (including Arkanor, Bistot, Crokite Mercoxit and Moon Mining as well)

Ratting - Access to several level 5 systems for as much as you can take

PVP - Small, medium, and large PVP engagements

Inaccessible - Quiet ‘Dead End’ system, out-of-the-way with no strategic value to larger Corps/Alliances;

Accessible - ‘Jump Bridge’ of Corp structures (with tethering for safety).

Serviced - Local shipping destination Structure with an excellent, fast, neutral, commercial shipping Corp.

Serious - Rorqual, Dreadnaught, Carriers, Orca and other key industrial/PVP/PVE resources ‘in-house’ and available.

We’re currently building a Tech I Industrial and Combat ship replacement programme, expanding our ‘Jump Bridge’ network, and building the resource base to eventually launch and protect our larger Engineering Complexes.

We’re primarily active in the European timezones and US timezones, English-speaking but friendly to non-native speakers, and actively want players who are new to null-sec (as we were!)

What to Do?

If this appeals to you, and you’d like to learn more, join our Recruitment channel for an initial chat:
JAR-O Recruitment

Talk to a recruitment officer - SkullXReaper Patrouette, Ameal Visteen and Jak Athonille or any of our other fellow corp mates.

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