Jayai Syndicate - looking for a few small PVP corps!

Jayai Syndicate is a small Alliance in Amarr Faction Warfare. Our focus is small gang PVP and having fun. We would like to incorporate a few small corps into our Alliance. People make the game work - so I’d be interested in speaking with anyone who:

  1. Has a small corp that would like to PVP when online.

  2. Is interested in a ship sharing program for doctrines we use.

  3. Doesn’t want to give up full autonomy of the corp and culture they have created.

  4. Would like to expand what is possible in-game by expanding their circle of in game collaboration.

  5. Want to participate in Amarr FW.

For our size we do very well and would like to expand our gameplay by coordinating some aspects of gameplay with other likeminded individuals.

Contact Rovain Sess with inquiries.


Top floor please…

Hop to the top!

Hop to the top!

We want you - convo me and join the crew!!!

Warp to the Small - go. go go!!!


Still looking for interested small corps wanting to wade into the Faction Warfare waters.

If you mail me in game I promise not to bite you.


Looking for small, pvp focused corps that would like to fight in Amarr FW within our small Alliance. Our focus is small gang - but with occasiobal opportunity for bigger scale PVP with blues.

We have alot of collective experience and dont expect you to sacrifice your already existing corporate cultures.

Please mail me in-game if your interested.


Jumpeth to the top.


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