Old player looking for smaller corp where I can mentor new players

Ahoy mateys,

I’ve recently returned to New Eden after a break. I’m now looking for a small sized corp, where I can chill, mentor people and possibly bring experience to the table. I’m primarily looking for PvE, as I don’t have the time for full on PVP anymore.

About me:

  • Started playing in 2004
  • Been PVP’ing most of my Eve Carreer
  • Self-sufficient and mature
  • 114 mil SP, primarily PVP-oriented

What I’m looking for:

  • Amarr-based, small corp
  • PVE, although PvP elements is not a deal breaker
  • Leadership which is open to input and experience.

I’m EU based, and will usually be online around 20-24 eve time.

But, catch me ingame if I’m online, or write me a mail.


Welcome back to eve
We might be a little bigger then you would like. But we do have some smaller corps in the alliance. Although most of our newbros are in RPR.
Would be glad to answer any other questions
Jump in our chat
At Chat: RPR Public

Hello pilot robbiewon here aka robert groffel current ceo of tada-0 we currently had our former ceo issler dianze aka michelle Holland
Pass away as well
My corp is currently down to one pilot me
I have two alliance members whom I have flown with in fleet raids many a mission as well
Not looking for mentorship just yet have to have corp members to assist to do so
My condolences to the later csm afore mention has pass from what I see in scope news
Contact me dm at robbiewon

Hey @skreeDK we’re a small EU / AUZ Industrial Corp / Alliance based out of Amarr space. We do also do a bit PVP incase you’ve got time to scratch the itch :slight_smile: I’ll try drop you aline in game.

Hey, sent you an in-game mail!