☠️Jerkasaurus Wrecks Inc. [JREX] Lowsec/Nullsec Piracy PvP

JREX is Recruiting PvP enthusiasts to join our ranks. We just want that sweet pew and those dank frags.

We are part of a well established alliance that has great FCs who are always looking to undock and fight.

Sweet, simple, and to the point, here is what we offer.
The Goods:
-All le pew
-TeamSpeak3 for comms
-Many safe isk making opportunities

What We Like:
-10 Million SP Minimum (5mil or above on case by case basis)
-Willingness to undock and fight out manned and outgunned.
-Activity. RL is always priority, but when online, be a team player.
-Must have comms for fleets. Also preferred that you hangout in comms when no fleets are running.
-Be able to fly a doctrine ship when needed and/or train it if you can’t currently fly it.
-Self-Sufficient. Indy alts to make you isk preferred.
-Capital Alts highly recommended.

Join our discord and make a ruckus if you are interested.

DISCORD <— Click To Join

JREX Killboard <— Click to View

Great corp with great people! Also Dank fights like this one!

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