Jita 4-4 trader

(Ikkala Isu) #1


Mainly used for trading and courer missions.

Positive wallet balance.
No kill rights.
No jump clones.
Char located in high-sec.
Positive security status.

8bill BO

I will pay for transfer.

(Aomane) #2

would you accept 7.5b as bo?

(Ikkala Isu) #3

If i don’t receive anything in 24h it will do.

(Aomane) #4

Too long for me:) ok i`ll go for 8b bo then

(Ikkala Isu) #5

Bo accepted, can you email the account info please?

(Aomane) #6

Isk sent, account name sent.

(Ikkala Isu) #7

ISK received will start transfer shortly

(Ikkala Isu) #8

Character transfer has been done, please confirm

(Aomane) #9

Confirmed, transfer started, will be completed tomorrow, thx

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